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Phyconomy – the go-to for news and resources on the burgeoning seaweed economy.

Drying or freeze drying seaweed post-harvest is expensive, both in terms of money and CO2. Yet, there is hardly any innovation.

SeaStem is building a bio-inspired solar seaweed dryer to bring down cost and carbon footprint of seaweed processing.

— Phyconomy (@phyconomy) December 13, 2021

Reconsidered – a newsletter, LinkedIn community and consultancy that breaks down the biggest topics and articles on sustainability, ESG and CSR. Plus they curate an international jobs board—should you be tempted.

Slow Factory – through their ‘Climate School Lab’ and other open education projects they’ve helped over 20,000 students, focusing on those from marginalised backgrounds, to become climate leaders.

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