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(Best of 2021)

Vivobarefoot – pitting themselves against conventional shoe design with barely-there soles, they’re all about foot to nature connection—cutting out the middle man aka “unnecessary padding”—in the most environmentally-positive and human way they can (see below pic).


Brewgooder – as a certified B-Corp, these brewers create beer with a purpose—to provide clean drinking water via their partnership with Charity Water. They’ve also founded an initiative called ‘Work in Progress’ to increase access and opportunities to a more diverse group of brewers.

Scenes we love to see 🍻

The lovely folks at The Kirkstyle Inn have tallied up an incredible 90,000 pints of clean water unlocked by having Lager and Session IPA on draught.

Got a favourite bar or restaurant where you’d love to see Brewgooder on tap? Let us know! 👇

— Brewgooder (@BrewGoodr) November 13, 2021

Haeckles – the skincare company that made the coastline of Margate in Kent look slick and sophisticated has always put it’s values and beliefs at the centre of it’s brand. Never shying away from calling out greenwashing, their strong voice on ocean activism plays a big role in their popularity—alongside some truly awesome products.

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