On the Radar #2023

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If you know me, you know I wax lyrical about the many uses of seaweed but what we Westerners don’t do enough of is… eat it! Rootless is on a mission to change that by making bite-sized balls of yum, packed with all the nutritional benefits of seaweed. 


Client love for OMVITS, the planet-based supplement company who are taking on the fish oil industry in a big way. The communication plan we worked on together is about to be rolled out and I can’t wait to see its impact. 


Things have moved on A LOT since I first featured Saved. They’re now only < month away from launching their cricket-protein puff (the bagel idea has gone) and with a revamped look and feel, I’m excited to see how the public react to this insect-fortified snack.


I first met the founder, Lew, back in the summer and was immediately struck by his passion and tenacity in building a hands-on charity that supports and equips rangers on the front line of conservation – and he’s only 23! 2023 is set to be the year they really take off.


From the director of Haeckel’s, this low-intervention skin and hair company creates formulas from grape extracts (including waste products) sourced from their neighbour, Westwell Winery in Kent, UK.

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