This Way is headed up by me, Charlotte Raffo.

From engaging millions of Rolling Stones fans to building adventurous start-ups from the ground up, I’m experienced and passionate about defining what companies stand for and why people should care.

Back in 2018, on a retreat in Portugal, I was surrounded by people who made their living by incorporating a close connection to nature in their work.

It was there, in the hazy sunshine, overlooking the ocean, that I had an epiphany.

It is possible to merge what you do with what you love.

And for me, that’s helping brands meaningfully connect with people, and the outdoors.

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’ve had a similar ‘Ah-Ha’ moment.

Back on UK soil, This Way quickly went from fantasy to reality (though this website was a long time in the making).

I take great pride in working exclusively with founders, like you, whose businesses encourage exploration and environmental stewardship. Together we solve the key challenges holding your brand back and clear the way for you to achieve your ambitions. The planet needs more companies like yours and it’s my job to make your dream happen.

When I’m not building game-changing, earth-conscious brands, you will find me fully immersed in water, taking it all in and enjoying the journey.

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