You’re in this business because you love the outdoors.

Exploring it. Protecting it. And now, making a living from it.

That was the initial idea anyway. Whether you’re the founder, head marketeer or a team leader, the reality of the daily grind can leave you feeling somewhat adrift.

Or perhaps it’s the opposite. Are there so many possibilities ahead of you that it’s hard to pick the right path? Maybe you and your team have a goal in mind but the route to get there isn’t so clear.

You know you don’t have to attempt this solo right?‍‍

‍You’ve got the goods and the vision. Now it’s time to harness that adventurous spirit and plan a new route. That’s where I come in.

With years of experience in brand development, strategy and communication behind me, I can work with you on specific projects or as part of your existing team to:

You started your business because you love the outdoors.

Get clear on your audience

Understand how to connect with them

Tell your story so they care

Build a community of loyal customers

Work with me to:



I also offer a 6-week mentoring program for those looking for a quick-burst of support, no matter where you are in your journey.


If we can, we do some or most of the talking in the fresh air… or in the water… or on a dirt track. Your call. What you’ll get from working with me is a new perspective, game-changing yet actionable ideas and results – quickly.


Interested? Book a free, zero-pressure call to discuss what you’re working on and how I might be able to help.


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