On the Radar #6

A weekly source of outdoor(ish) companies, causes and communities doing inspiring things.


Combining her love of mathematics, design and the natural world, founder Rebecca J Kaye, creates beautiful images that map and plot various terrains and landscapes around the UK (and beyond). From a lithograph of bird colours that look like a Pantone chart, to a design visualising the length of 127 rivers throughout the British Isles, environmental data has never looked so good.

Wind Catching Systems

“Was the basic design used in offshore wind production today the right one?”. That was the question that kicked everything off for the team behind the “Wind Catcher”—a floating, offshore wind power system that produces 5x more electricity per unit than the standard wind turbine. Their design uses multiple smaller turbines (instead of one big one), making it easier to install and maintain. It also needs less space which means it can be scaled easily.


Bugs. Love or hate them, they might form a big part of your diet in the not-too-distant future. As the food industry moves (slowly) towards more planet-friendly options, Saved, thinks it has the answer with insect-incorporated food as a “convenient alternative protein”. The range of products is yet to be confirmed but you’ll never be faced with bugs on a plate as they “hide” the ingredients by making them into a flour. (Launching Q1 2022).


Not all surf wax is created equal. Some is too soft, but often it’s too hard, especially in cooler climates. That’s why Braw have designed an organic, UK-sourced wax specifically for the cold waters of Scotland. They’re refreshingly honest that it’s a work in progress and welcome feedback from any hardy, all-weather users so they can understand how to make it better.

Less Than

The Pygmy Sloth, Hawksbill Turtle and Philippine Eagle are three of the six endangered animals clothing company Less Than want to support with their t-shirt business. Customers can choose one (or all) of the designs and 10% of the sale will go to a charity directly involved in that animal’s conservation.

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