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How we drove record engagement and increased revenue opportunities.

Brand Development
Content Strategy

Record website traffic, a big jump in followers and increased interest from sponsors. Read how a new, digital magazine called ‘Editions’ provided media and event company Adventure Uncovered with the manageable content strategy they were looking for.

“Since ‘Editions’ launched, we’ve seen our engagement and viewers double. It’s even helped us secure sponsors who want to support the unique work we’re doing – an added bonus”.

James Wight, Founder

I’ve worked with media and event company Adventure Uncovered for a number of years. In that time we’ve defined their mission, created and launched a new website, increased the number of film festival locations, tripled attendees, partnered with new companies, gained more sponsors and made a road map for the future – to name a few.

Myself and James at Adventure Uncovered Film Festival 2020, The Boiler House, London

Our most recent project together concentrated on content. As a small team, managing an online publication, a film festival and partnered excursions, meant that delivering content that was of a consistently high standard, on-brand and reader-focused was time-consuming and, at times, overwhelming.

The team needed a new approach that was both manageable and focused. They also needed a strategy that would help Adventure Uncovered attract not only new readers but sponsors and future partners.

Through a series of walk-and-talk team chats with Co-Founders James Wight and Rosie Riley and then soon-to-be Editor, Sam Firman, we developed ‘Editions‘ a monthly, magazine-style content hub.

Once a month, Adventure Uncovered would publish content around a chosen theme. These themes would be relevant to the company mission aka:

All content would go out at the same time so viewers could read articles at their own time and pace. Publishing in this way also meant the editorial team could work towards one date, rather than drip-feeding content on a continuous loop, saving them time and energy.

We created a brand new section on the website to house this content, working with website designers and UX team from Sampson and May to make it visually engaging and easy to navigate.

New page layout:

Then it was onto a launch plan. Six posts over six days and four emails to entice, intrigue and inform Adventure Uncovered’s audience on what Editions was all about and what to expect from the first iteration.

This Way wrote the launch copy and built a new email template to mark this shift in approach. The team worked together to write the mission statement for the website as well as curating and writing content.

“We’re on a mission to live adventurously and build a better society by giving a platform to people, organisations and ideas breaking new ground.”

The Results?

Editions has created a huge amount of content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which the team could schedule in one go, helping to keep things simple and save time. In effect, this approach changed the “what can we post?” question to “how much of this amazing content do we post?”. Answer = all of it (strategically, of course!).

The team have, at time of writing, posted their 3rd Edition What Is Adventure? and, with a bank of amazing stats and a manageable content strategy in place, are now able to go out and find sponsors to support their work. Exciting times ahead!

“We love working with This Way. Charlotte manages to combine a unique strategic and creative process that is not only fun with backed up with commercial success. She’s definitely put us through our paces but her hard work and drive to get the best out of us has produced a number of projects with noticeable impact.

James Wight, Founder