On the Radar #4

A weekly source of outdoor(ish) companies, causes and communities doing inspiring things.


Anyone who’s tried to stand up on a board, whether that’s on water, snow or concrete knows how important balance is in ensuring you don’t instantly stack it. Huku make hand-crafted balance boards from sustainably sourced wood. The design is created using water-based, non-toxic ink and their packaging is 100% plastic free. They also make yoga wheels to help you stretch in the all right places and offer a free training program when you subscribe to their newsletter. So even if (when) you do stack it, you’ve got no excuse but to get back up and try again.


Heralding from Manchester, this apparel company clashes rave culture with outdoor pursuits to create nostalgic designs on a par with the skate brands of the 80s and 90s. They’ve already got a cult following in Japan and the US, it won’t be long until we see more people this side of the pond rambling and raving in these designs.


“The world’s first streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet”. It’s free to sign up and home to feature films, shorts and series focused around the each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. What’s interesting is that the platform wants to capture the momentum experienced by viewers after watching a thought-provoking film to encourage immediate action related to the film’s core message. For example, you can donate to a cause direct from the site or download action kits to promote a petition.

Get Out UK

This charity is on a mission to use free, outdoor education to inspire a love of the natural world among young people from vulnerable backgrounds. Based in Tower Hamlets, London, one of their flagship programmes is a three-part excursion where youngsters learn about environmental issues and work together in to plan an adventure before heading off on a surfing field trip complete with beach clean. Sounds epic.

Dick Pearce

Sick and tired of seeing environmentally-toxic polystyrene bodyboards left by holiday makers, this Newquay-based bellyboard company decided to rent out their wooden boards for free. The offer went viral, gaining national coverage from the BBC which helped to not only shine a light on this problem but the company’s own “fuss-free”, very enticing, wooden boards. Smart move.

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