On the Radar #3

A weekly source of outdoor(ish) companies, causes and communities doing inspiring things.

The Nature Wave

Aka, Jen Doran, hosts weekly ‘Swimming into Connection’ yoga and swimming events on Whiterock Beach, Dublin. Starting small but gaining interest quickly, over the last couple of years she’s built a tribe of dedicated cold water swimmers who brave the Irish Sea, even in winter. As things are opening up again, spots are sold out weeks in advance; such is the drive to connect to nature and explore our relationship to the sea.


Moored off the shores of St Davids, Câr-Y-Môr is a seaweed farm with a difference. Their vision is a network of 50 small-scale ocean farms across Wales, supplied by regional land-based hatcheries and processing hubs, all working together to deliver seaweed-based products at scale. Although in it’s early stage with one trial site, the possibilities and impact on local jobs, eco-systems and the wider environment is huge.

Smoc Smoc

Think there’s nothing better than putting on your big dry-robe-esq jacket after a cold dip (or wear about the house when slightly nippy). What if said robe had a liner that was made from sustainably sourced bamboo and made right here in the UK minimising it’s carbon footprint? Smoc Smoc do just that and are the only big-changing-robe company to offer a non-plastic lining, a simple edit that helps to stop microplastics transferring onto your skin and into the water system during your post-dip shower.

Soul Cap

Swimming caps for those blessed with big hair. Founders, Michael and Toks, wanted to create a product that would enable women (and men) of all backgrounds to feel comfortable in the water. User feedback is downright emotional (see this post) and shows the positive impact inclusive design can make.


I love Patti. I love their style. Their skill. Their patriarchy-kicking manifesto. The fact they’ve got a film called This Way. That they ride around in a busted limo, drink beer and hangout at punk rock gigs. That they’re an unapologetic girl gang with an authentic connection to 80s and 90s down-and-out skater counter culture. Someone shave my head, tattoo my lip, teach me how to skateboard and fly me to California so I can join their crew.

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