On the Radar #1

A weekly source of companies, causes and communities doing inspiring things.

District Vision

Pitched as providing ‘tools for outdoor wellness’, this US-based company puts mindful practise at the heart of it’s brand story and mission. Drawing on Buddhism as a prominent source of inspiration, they combine lifestyle with performance to create a “holistic vision”, attracting the ‘mindful athlete’ through products, talks and meditation programs. Plus, the branding is pretty cool.


Sustainable, dock-less, e-bike hire company gaining traction in London. Their fleet is charged by renewable energy sources and they’re offering the first 10 mins of riding for free to encourage more cycling in the city.

Palm & Pine

Vegan, plastic-free and ocean-friendly sunscreen. Founded by a British husband and wife team (who now live in Portugal), they rally against the chemical-heavy traditional sunscreens opting for natural ingredients.


Aimed at busy city folk, this workers retreat is pitched as the ‘antidote to Zoom’, where they actually lock away your phone for the ultimate digital detox. “If you really cannot cope without your phone for 3 days, we’ll let you smash the locked box open but do suggest you seek help.”


A material innovation company researching chemical-free alternatives to traditional perflourinated (PFC) membranes used by outdoor brands to create water and sweat-proof clothing and gear.

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